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Scumbag Samara racists hurl a banana at Roberto Carlos Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011 I Roberto Carlos, the living Brazilian footballing legend, suffered one of the most insulting racial abuses on Wednesday night playing for Anji Makhachkala away at Samara.With his side 3-up away from home and coasting to the three points, a disgraceful and unnecessary ordeal was dished out on Carlos as a banana was hurled form the crowd right next to the player's feet.

The human cannonball showed dignity as he immediately picked up the banana and threw it onto the side of the pitch. Seconds later, and the blood naturally began pumping in his body, Roberto Carlos slowly took off his armband and depressingly walked off the surface.

Fan throws banana at Roberto Carlos during match, Brazilian leaves field in protest In the final minutes of the Matchday 15 game between Krylia Sovetov Samara and Anzhi Makhachkala in the Russian Premier League an unknown fan threw a banana from the stands at Anzhi defender Roberto Carlos.

The Brazilian was near the sideline when the banana was thrown from the Western stand of the Metallurg Stadium. In response to that Roberto Carlos left the field, though Anzhi have already used all three substitutions by then.

«Unfortunately, this thrown banana in the end of the game has left an equally sharp impression as the pleasure that our victory gave us. Such things may only cause indignation, you can't be indifferent to them,» said Gadzhi Gadzhiev, head coach of Anzhi.

«Roberto Carlos is one of the greatest football players who arrived to Russia to raise the level of the tournament and the interest to the game. He was offended in an absolutely shameless way. We can not stand such things, such a racist trick. The punishment will be as severe as possible,» stated Sergey Fursenko, head of the Russian FA, according to Sovetsky Sport.

It is already the second time Roberto Carlos suffers from racist abuse. In March, before the Matchday 2 game between Zenit and Anzhi (2:0), one of the fans at St. Petersburg Petrovsky Stadium was pictured offering the defender a banana.

Infelizmente o lateral-esquerdo brasileiro Roberto Carlos voltou a sofrer com insultos racistas na Rússia. Dessa vez foi por conta da torcida do Krylya Sovetov, fora de casa, na vitória do seu Anzhi por 3 a 0. Aos 44 do segundo tempo, enquanto o lateral andava pelo gramado, uma banana foi atirada em sua direção. Ele a pegou e a jogou para fora, mas mostrou-se transtornado com o segundo acontecimento semelhante no país e deixou o campo. Veja abaixo a cena lamentável:
В Самаре в Роберто Карлоса бросили банан
На 90-й минуте матча 15-го тура премьер-лиги «Крылья Советов» — «Анжи» в полузащитника гостей Роберто Карлоса с трибуны был брошен банан, который упал рядом с бразильцем.

Легионер в знак протеста покинул поле до финального свистка, сообщает «Спорт Экспресс». Что касается самого матча, то он закончился крупной победой гостей — 3:0, причем последний гол был забит еще на 63-й минуте


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